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My Test Drives App Helps Buyers Get the Most Out of Their Test Drives.

MY TEST DRIVES will enhance and improve the most important step in the car buying process by making your test drive evaluations more accurate, effective and meaningful.

My Test Drives (Pat. pending) the world's first and only step-by-step on screen(s) tool that allows test drivers to instantly record their real-time evaluations and “feelings” learned during the test drive of a vehicle that they are considering for purchase.

In order to become a smarter and happier car buyer, before you even consider a vehicle for purchase you test drive it and compare its total score with the test drives of other vehicles you are considering for purchase.

With ranking space for 30 must-rank exterior and interior features, comfort levels, performance ratings, and qualitative feelings your test drive, becomes more than a jumble of thoughts and divergent feelings that disappear just minutes after every test drive.

My Test Drives is important, no matter how smart you are, no matter how many notes you make, without it you just won't remember what you liked and didn't like about your test drive. Now you can easily save the cacophony of fleeting and amorphous thoughts in a form that is coherent, manageable and always accessible.

Download the IPhone Test Drive app here. Or, you can manage your test drives from this site.

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